Baby Metal - Metallic Gel Polish

  • $22.95

Baby Metal!~ Metallic Gel

The New Hot Trend In 7 Beautiful METAL Colors.

Easy To Apply And Seal With ShineE Or Wonder Gel Top Coat For A Beautiful High Shine Finish. Give A Unique Style To Your Designs !
Easy To Use


- Apply A Very Thin And Smooth Layer Of Shinee And Cure.

- Apply Baby Metal Gel Color( Silver, Gold ...) Wait 60 Second And Cure. Apply In Only A Few Strokes: 1 Left, 1 In The Middle And 1 On The Right. The Thinner You Apply It, More Shiny Will Be. Do Not Go Over Color On And On. Cure 60-90 Seconds In Darling Lamp 

- Apply Second Coat Of Baby Metal Gel Color, Wait 60 Second, And Cure 60-90 Seconds.

- Apply 2 Coat Of Shinee Very Thin And Cure Each Coat !

- Do Not Use Top Gel Of Any Other Brand.

- Use Darling Lamp Machine. If You Use BB Lamp You Will Need To Cure Longer 2-3 Minutes Each Coat Of Baby Metal Gel.

Caution: Shake Before Use, Keep Away From Eyes, Keep Out Of Reach For Children