Brushes - Happy Gel Brush

  • $50.95

Brushes - Happy Gel Brush

Handmade and ergonomically designed with the finest quality, made from the finest male kolinsky hair, the new " Pink Happy Gel Brush " acrylic sculpting brush is specially designed by award-winning nail champion Max Estrada. These brushes are what every nail princess dreams of !~

Pink Happy Gel Brush is a multi-purpose tool lets you slice and shape with just a flick of the wrist for effortless application. Synthetic #10 brush  one one end and spatula on other end. For use with Happy Gel products only. Easy to carry with cover design !

Made in USA !

Longer Life Span 

* Less Clumping

* Safer and Hygienic 

* High Quality Nail Art Brush For Acrylic

* Compact and Convenient

* A Necessity For Every Nail Artist

* 100% Kolinsky Acrylic Sculpting and Design Brush