Souffle Gel!! New Cream Gel!!

  • $24.34

Souffle Gel!!



The newest innovation in gel magic technology is here ! Souffle Cream Gel !~

There are 7 colours in this new builder gel system that has a unique "souffle" cream texture !

Offers complete control and is perfect for both bigger and experienced nail artist !~

No Tingling

No Bubbles

Viscous Component

Not easy to break

Can be cured in both LED and UV lamps

8 colours to choose from in 2 sizes (15 ml & 30 ml) 

Clear - Crystal Clear Glass Like 

Bright White - Radiant white colour for french

Sweet Pink - Cool tone candy like opaque baby pink

Vanilla - Natural cream colour

Lady Pink - Natural toned cover pink, perfect for every skin tone

Peachy - Soft peach colour

Crystal Rose - Cool tone semi sheer pink with sparkle