Super Girl FUN gel collection 2021

Super Girl FUN gel collection 2021

  • $28.95

Fun Gel Super Girl Collection 2021 !~
  • Each Of The Gel Colors Are Highly Pigmented, And Paint Easily Onto Your Nails For A Professional, Stylish Finish.
  • ★HEALTHY & LONG-LASTING: Made Of Natural Resin, Healthy Ingredients, Our Products Have Low Smell, Are Non-Toxic, And Adheres Well; With Proper Application 2 Weeks Wearing Is Attainable, Without Chipping And Peeling.
  • One Coat Full Coverage 

 The Possibilities Are Endless!

  • Personal Style: 12 Bright Shades Of Popular And Trendy Colors Suitable For Elegance And Glamour!
  • Healthy: 9 Toxin Free Ingredient Makes It Safe And Has Low Odor.
  • Easy Application And Good Tenacity. With Proper Application, Last At Least 3 Weeks.
  • Reminder: Cure Under LED Nail Lamp 

Fast Application

  • Apply It Just Like Polish And Be Rewarded With Richer, More Even Color.
  • Cures In 30 Seconds In An LED Lamp And In 2 Minutes In A Traditional UV Lamp.


  • The Gel Polish Stays On Nails For Up To 3 Weeks With No Chipping Or Peeling, And     Soaks Completely Off In Only 10 Minutes.
  • Even With Such A Natural Look, These Gel Polishes Are Long Lasting And Remain Shiny Between Treatments.


  • It Is Packaged In An Easy To Use Bottle Instead Of A Jar, With Easy To Spot Color On The Cap; The Color Is True To The Bottle Because The Cap Is Hand Filled With The Same Gel.
  • Stable Viscosity Until The Last Application.

Luxuries Colors

  • No Unevenness On Coloration, Brilliant Luxury Color, For A Beautiful Finish.
  • Separation Of Ingredients Does Not Occur, Churning Or Mixing Is Unnecessary And There Is No Wasted Gel.